3D TV Week in New York

If you were wondering why all of a sudden there have been so many stories about 3D TV in the news, it's because companies backing the technology have descended on New York this week to promote it and pitch it to journalists. (See my story in PC World.)

While many of us have watched lengthy demonstrations of 3D for over a year now, few of us have tested it our own living rooms. That may soon change with Samsung, Onkyo, Panasonic, Xpand and others pushing products. One Best Buy store in New York is now selling Panasonic sets. But 3D programming is, well, scant.

Consumers may also balk at the upfront cost of 3D: It means a new television, new Blu-ray player, and expensive goggles to get the full effect.

Eventually, 3D may become commonplace as people replace their Blu-ray players and upgrade their televisions. But for now, it remains mainly a New York show.


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