Google Should Buy Skype

After seeking a private buyer, and finding VC and investment firms too skittish, eBay has announced that it will seek to spin off Skype in an IPO, hopefully early next year.

Skype is the global leader in quasi-VoIP (voice over IP) services with well in excess of 400 million users.And it is remarkable that eBay could not capitalize on it after spending an estimated $2.6 bil

JQ on Google Voice

lion to acquire it. There are some very obvious ways to make money off Skype (picture me making "call me" gesture), but alas no one has so far implemented them.

So what to do now? Google should buy Skype. Skype has by far the best global calling service, which is why we all use it. On the other hand, Google is poised to revamp telecom services in the U.S. with Google Voice. Google's new application, which should launch this month, amounts to a universal in-box (voice mail, e-mail, SMS, etc.) and single follow-me number–all for free. It's so good that every journalist that has tried it in beta is still using it (including yours truly). But it's missing one thing: integration with a service like Skype (or Google Talk, but who really uses Google Talk, really?).

For more on Google Voice, watch the video from my Fox Business report.

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