The Top 5 Things the Conficker Worm Will Do on April 1

It's no joke. Everyone (okay, techies and media types) is in a tizzy about a virus that has infected an estimated 10 million computers worldwide and is designed to do something (no one knows what) on April 1. It could be a massive prank, a giant spam campaign, or nothing. Be that as it may, here are my bets:

5. Empty all of the AIG executives' bank accounts

4. Switch all the pages of The Huffington Post with pages of The Onion (but no one will notice)

3. Start Twittering all of President Obama's private BlackBerry messages

2. Send a post to all of your Facebook friends telling them that you've been secretly in love with them for years

1. Delete every blog on the Web so that people will have to buy a newspaper

Got your own guesses? Comment!

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Technology reporter, writer, and television correspondent, JQ has been covering the computer, communications, and consumer electronics industries for more than 25 years.A contributor to The New York Times, Popular Mechanics, PC Magazine, U.S. News & World Report and many other publications, JQ appears on CBS News television program Up to the Minute and on Fox Business.
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1 Response to The Top 5 Things the Conficker Worm Will Do on April 1

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