Yahoo: Hello, Steve…Steve?

Last night when the ungrammatical news came in that Yahoo's co-founder was stepping down as CEO (well, really announcing that he would step down as soon as the board can find some poor soul to take the job), I couldn't help wondering if he felt just a little manipulated by Google. Just a tiny bit.

Okay, completely bamboozled by Google.

Remember, when Microsoft was courting Yahoo it was Google that sailed in braying about the evil empire in Seattle and dangling ad revenue candy in front of Jerry Yang. (Never mind that the rest of us were screaming, "Sell,sell!") Unfortunately, Yahoo took Google's bait, Steve got mad over at Microsoft, and Yahoo's stock began its death spiral. Then,…oh, wait a minute…did I say we were going to share ad revenue? Humm, says Google, I don't think this is going to work. The government wants to regulate. Sorry.

And so, exit stage left, Yahoo co-founder. Thanks a lot, Eric.

Now what? Well, I'm guessing that Yahoo needs a transition team and a CEO who can reach across the aisle to resolve party differences. (And just what was a Google exec doing in Chicago regarding that other transition team? I guess when you control the World Wide Web ad market, people listen.) Of course, I'm referring to the idea of reaching out to the evil empire in Seattle

Steve, it's Yahoo on the phone…again.



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