Earth Hour Baby Boom


Another good idea–and there are precious few of them these days–from Down Under: Turn off some of that major light pollution for one hour Saturday night.(NB: Earth Hour was Saturday, March 29th.)

It's called "Earth Hour" and was started last year in Sydney. This year, over 370 cities and towns around the world are expected to turn off most of the lights at landmarks and major government edifices at 9 GMT for 60 minutes. The idea, which you've no doubt guessed, is–no, not to cause panic in the streets–but to increase awareness of global warming.

We think it's a great idea if only because of the energy it will save. The only potential drawback could be the overall increase in the planet's carbon footprint. That's right, more babies.

On the other hand, we could all turn off our televisions for the hour (advertising dollars be damned) and shut down our (no, don't say it!) computers as well. Then we could just turn on a lamp with an energy-saving CFL bulb and read a book. (Okay, if you must, a Kindle.)

Better still, ma ybe we all should do this every night…but after 10 pm when the kids have gone to bed.
For more ideas on how to save energy the high-tech way, see "Eight Tech Tips for Going Green."

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2 Responses to Earth Hour Baby Boom

  1. Hillary says:

    What a cool idea! I have a friend who is an Orthodox Jew who does this all Saturday long (turning on a lamp is the same as lighting a fire, which is a no-no on the Sabbath) and she validates it not only religiously, but also by considering the way it saves like this idea. She reads, spends time with other friends who do the same, takes a nap…all the things that make it easier to live and yet so few of us never take the time out to do. I may take you both up on this challenge, at least for an hour or two a week.

  2. I am sorry, I can help nothing, but it is assured, that to you necessarily will help. Do not despair.

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