Google Calls Kettle Black

The recent hostile bid by Microsoft for the flagging Yahoo is taking on "It's A Wonderful Life" proportions. Unfortunately for the world's search engine, Google is casting itself in the role of Mr. Potter.


Witness one of the funniest blog postings of the last few hours by Google svp David Drummond, who enumerates dire warnings about a Microsoft–Yahoo marriage. Dripping with irony (dripping? he's soaking in it), Drummond complains that, gee, Microsoft is really big, it once had some like legal problems, and, well, heck, between Yahoo and Microsoft they have a way lot of IM and e-mail users.

In the words of John McEnroe: You cannot be serious.

Of course Drummond didn't say a word about how Google has a worldwide stranglehold on Web advertising, which is what all this is about. And he didn't mention that Google reportedly called poor little Yahoo (Mr. Potter-style) to offer its assistance in fighting off the Microsoft bid. (One can just imagine that conversation and how long it took George Bailey, er, Yahoo to realize it was about to be tricked into shutting down the old building and loan.)

All this hand-wringing, slapstick, and hilarity from Google over the mere possibility that it might, maybe, possibly, finally get some competition and have to hitch up its britches makes Google CEO Eric Schmidt look more paranoid than Dick Cheney. Maybe he's having nightmares about his days back at Novell.


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3 Responses to Google Calls Kettle Black

  1. Ross says:

    Great metaphor!

  2. morell says:

    i think google has little to worry about, those two can merge but without the technology, they aint knocking google off the top!

  3. Prudence says:

    I love the comparison to It's a Wonderful Life. Excellent post!
    Signed, One of George Bailey's Kids.

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