Verizon Wireless to Unlock Its Network

Leading this morning's tech news and rumor mongering is word that at 10:30 EST Verizon Wireless will announce that it's opening its network and allowing any compatible device and any compatible application to run on it.

It should mean that consumers can choose the phone they want and not be locked into a contract that ties the phone and service together. In the face of Google's open source push for its so-called Android software to run on phones next year and calls by handset makers (okay, they've always screamed about the problem) to open up standards so that new features could be offered to consumers, perhaps Verizon has finally seen the light.

Wall Street analysts will doubtless fail to notice, however, that the technology behind Verizon Wireless is inherently less open than that used by AT&T, uh, Cingular (for example, I regularly swap phones between the T-Mobile and AT&T networks simply by switching out SIM cards, something that is not possible with Verizon). So how much good this will do Verizon in the long run remains to be seen.

Maybe now they are finally regretting their decision to turn down the iPhone.


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