Still More Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone

13. It uses a non-standard headphone jack, so you can't use better headphones or earbuds without buying an expensive adapter.

14. It doesn't have voice dialing or voice recognition.

15. It doesn't support wireless Bluetooth stereo, so you can't use wireless stereo headphones with it.

16. You can't shoot video with the phone's camera.

17. It does not have a GPS receiver for important location information.

18. Owners cannot remove the battery, so if there's trouble, you'll have to send your phone in for service.

19. It does not use a SIM card, so owners are forever tied to AT&T–even after the two-year contract expires.

20. No instant messaging.

Can't remember the other reasons not to buy an iPhone? Revisit the Web page at and reasons 11 and 12.


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