Renew, Reuse, Recycle

Go green, go green, go green! Yes, you're going to hear it from us media types until we're green in the face. (Think Princess Di, multiplied by a factor of Al Gore.)

So in this green installment, another new recycling option. Staples, which already allows people to drop off electronic gimcracks like cells phones for recycling (gratis), is launching a program this week to accept larger, more toxic waste at its 1,400 stores. Specifically, Staples will accept computers, laptops, and monitors for recycling–but you'll have to pay.

The larger items will cost you $10 apiece to ease your conscience. That may seem like a lot, but retailers who have to tried to make market in recycling e-waste have had a tough time making the numbers work in the supply-chain model. In other words, it still costs them to get the stuff to a licensed recycler who will properly reuse materials and dispose of heavy metals.

Readers should note that are other e-waste recycling options. Many localities run such programs for free, and some computer makers also take in unwanted desktops and monitors. For more specific information, see "Eight Tech Tips for Going Green."

Now where is that Jack Johnson CD?…..


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  1. alvarez55 says:

    hey is it true that when companies recycle computers and stuff that tehy get alot of money out of it becuase theres gold or something in it? i think i read that some where on an

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