PC World or Apple World?

Apparently these are strange times at PC World magazine. According to a report based on insider information, the editor-in-chief at PC World resigned this week when the new management crossed the line separating church and state (i.e., the distinction between those trying to garner advertisers and those trying to produce independent reviews and articles). To wit, spiking an article that was deemed potentially offensive to Steve "Where's the wrecking ball?" Jobs.

I'm a big believer in keeping those two often conflicting interests separate, holding to the idea that if you write something that people find helpful or entertaining, the advertisers are sure to follow. (Or put another way, I won't tell you how to sell ads and do marketing surveys as long as you don't tell me how to test and critique a product, movie, book, etc.) So readers here can rest assured that the lines will always be brightly demarcated on this site and at J-Q.com.

Unfortunately, that may not be the case any longer at PC World. Though I detest the infinite regress that is often referred to as the blogosphere, here are various links for those who want to delve further into the apparent scandal:

PC World Editor Quits Over Censorship

PC World Editor Quits Over Soft Reporting

Steve Jobs May Be Hazardous To Your Job

PC World Editor Quits Over Apple Story

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