Not So TurboTax


In the wake of Tuesday's last-minute tax filings, the folks at TurboTax report that there have been delays in processing electronic filings through their service. In other words, some customers who filed online using TurboTax on Tuesday may not have made the IRS deadline.

If you are expecting a refund and used the service, there's no cause for concern (other than the extra day or two it may take for you to receive a check). However, those who owe money may or may not incur additional penalties. So far, a conclusive word on whether or not the IRS will forgive the short delays due to Intuit's swamped servers has not been announced.

In the meantime, if you haven't filed yet, you still should fill out the forms and get them in. To check out how to do it online, see Online Tax Preparation.

By the way, just so I can say I told you so, I told you so (on TV, no less).



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