Vista Still on the Far Horizon

To the growing number of reasons to put off upgrading to Vista–or even buying a new machine with Vista loaded on it–you can now add Adobe problems. Current versions of the company's popular Dreamweaver web design software and Photoshop CS2 program have known compatibility problems with Microsoft's latest operating system. And it appears Adobe has no intention of fixing the bugs.

According to a statement on the Adobe Web site, if you want to get those problems–which include Dreamweaver system hangs–fixed, you'll have to cough up more money for an upgrade from Adobe. Given that we've all known Vista was coming down the pipe for several years, Adobe's refusal to fix the problems should be an affront to customers (not to mention a poor reflection on Adobe's competency),

If Adobe wants to squabble with Microsoft (can you think of anyone who doesn't?), that's fine. But making us pay for it is simply inexcusable. Oh, and in case you were wondering, when it serves Adobe's own purpose, the company is pleased as punch to offer a free upgrade. Witness the fact that Adobe will upgrade Acrobat reader to fix problems with Vista–no charge.

Gee, thanks.


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